PENNSYLVANIA, PA--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2014) - Skylimit Creations, Inc. has recently opened up an additional office in Wilkes Barre, PA along with a satellite office in East Hanover, NJ. Due to the rising demands and a greater need to expand in order to meet that demand, O'bryan Clemons, President and Chief Operations Officer, decided it was time to grow and expand into new territories that have not been tapped. With this expansion in the form of opening a new branch, Skylimit Creations plans to drive demand and increase revenue overall in these coming months. Mr. Clemons states, "Expansion and growth is awesome. Not only are we able to prove that our methods are profitable, but we are also able to give more opportunity to the community and others in a way that one location just simply would not be able to accommodate."

Whilst 2014 has found many US companies downsizing as they struggle to succeed against the pressures of today's economy, Skylimit Creations, Inc. has figured out how to be successful and not only survive the wild of the business jungle, but instead to do the complete opposite and flourish into a triumphant business that shows no signs of impeded growth.

With unemployment averaging 6.3% for 2013, it is a wonder that Skylimit Creations, Inc. is continuing to grow at such a promising rate. With recent expansion into more retailers and taking more market share, business continues to thunder in the Central Northeastern based office.

The customer base for Skylimit Creations, Inc. has expanded to more popular Fortune 500 companies -- in fact, their new Consumer Electronics Division has almost doubled in size in the past 2 years. The past year, Skylimit Creations, Inc. has also inked deals with companies to launch new programs and continue their major expansion based on their forecast and track record.

"It is my expectation that Skylimit Creations, Inc. will continue to grow as a motivating force throughout the Northeast region. My hopes in the upcoming years are to see Skylimit Creations become not only the go-to standard for Advertising, PR, and Marketing, but also serve as a flagship for new industries of business to find success when times seem vague," stated Clemons.

Mr. Clemons was asked how he thinks Skylimit Creations, Inc. has been able to grow despite the tough economy, and where he forecast the company in the coming years. "I think there are a couple of factors that have made it easy for us to grow. First, the downsizing of other companies with the economic crisis has turned into a perfect storm for us. Our large brand name clientele needs new business more than ever and this gave us a vantage point when hiring new applicants for our Management Training Program. Second, the primary reason we are able to succeed is due to the fact that we bring buying power back into the hands of the clients. With consumers bombarded with phone calls, emails, and thousands pieces of mail daily, I knew it was time to reinvest and get out what you put in and this is why Skylimit Creations thrives." Mr. Clemons has high hopes for the future crushing the past holiday season and going into the first quarter with momentum and transitioning that success into the second quarter which has even been a bigger success than last year this time. "The most important thing right now is to not let our foot off the gas."

After just finishing their most profitable first quarter ever (breaking records from past holiday season), Mr. Clemons projects Skylimit Creations, Inc. will see a 40% increase in sales this coming third quarter, making it their best quarter yet. Furthermore, Mr. Clemons has no doubt that "We will continue pushing for the goals set for 2014 -- we will improve our drive and execution every day."

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