Indirect Vs. Direct Marketing?

Obtain the best of both worlds here at Skylimit Creations Inc. We have mastered a technique that makes marketing Fun and takes the Frustration away from hitting your goals. We combine these two techniques and reap the benefits of using both in our Strategic Growth Program. We have the potential to build stronger, closer relationships with the consumers. We take this and harvest the information to progress in the marketplace. By combining older tactics with newer tactics leads us to Higher Returns on Investment and Exponential Growth throughout the country.

Why Us?

  • Our Expert Marketing Team
  • Our Focus on Education
  • An Unmatched Work Ethic
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • National & Respected Retailers
  • Fortune 500 Client Portfolio

Our Mission

Deliver high-quality marketing programs, offering clients long term benefits that help builds customer networks.

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Contact Information

51 Camp Hill Blvd
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Office: 864-627-3105 ext. 1154
Recruiting: 864-541-2753

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